CERAMIC·BATHROOM October 18-21, 2019



As the organizer of the exhibition, China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair, Foshan (CeramBath), we can provide an official invitation letter to support the authenticity of our invitation and help you to travel to China and participate in the exhibition. To apply our invitation letter, please fill in and submit the corresponding information below.

However, for policy reasons, if you are from the listed countries or regions, you may fail to get the visa with our invitation letter. We sincerely welcome your visit to our fair. Nevertheless, we have no influence on the decision of any China Embassy or Chinese consulate to approve or reject any person’s application for a visa to enter China.

Listed Countries Or Regions:
Asia: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

Africa: Libya, Mali, South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Tunisia, Algeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Congo.

Solution For Listed Countries Or Regions Given By Government
Some Embassies or consulates require Duly Authorized Invitation Letter. You should apply for a duly authorized invitation letter issued officially ONLY by Chinese suppliers who cooperated with you with authentic trading records.
Therefore, we suggest you to ask help from your Chinese suppliers to issue the relative invitation letter which can be approved by our local government.

Official Guidance Of Duly Authorized Invitation Letter Application
Here is the website including all documents the Chinese suppliers need to issue so as to help you submit the materials to Chinese Embassy in your country : (Please send the above website address to the Chinese suppliers to complete the materials accordingly)

If it is the first time you come with no existed Chinese supplier, we suggest you to consult your local government for help. We, the organizer of the exhibition, is unauthorized to issue duly authorized invitation letter from government for you. Sorry for inconvenience.

Warm Tips: Please reserve enough time to apply for your visa.

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