CERAMIC·BATHROOM October 18-21, 2019


Venue and Booth Specification
1.Location: 1-5/F of China Ceramics City and the outdoor area
2.Limit Load of the Floor:2000kg/m2 in outdoor area and 300kg/m2 inside CCC
3.Booth Specification: Booths in small atriums of 2/F shall be 3.8 meter high. Booths in atrium of North Gate Lobby of 2/F shall be 3.8 meter high. Booths in the large atrium of 3/F shall be 3.2 meter high and in small atrium shall be 2.5 meter. Booths in outdoor area of CCC shall be 3.2 meter high.

Limit Load of the floor of Foshan International Conference & Exhibition Center is 2000kg/m2. The height of raw space pavilions shall be within 5 meters.

Electricity Supply
The organizer provides power sockets inside the venues and be responsible for the electricity supply during the fair.

Electricity Configure: 380V/220V for every booth and limited to 50W/m2

No Smoking in the Venues
For public health, please do not smoke in the venues.

Affiliated Facilities
Power supply, lighting in public area and air conditioning.

Requirements and Regulations for Booth Decoration
1.The top of temporary booths in the atriums of 2/F shall be covered by fireproof fabric or banner or other measures for decoration.
2.The temporary booths in the small atriums of 3/F and 4/F shall be in open design, so as not to obstruct visitors’ view.
3.Booths on the same floor should use the same height regulated by the fair organizer.
4.The electricity load of every booth is 50W/㎡. Overload is prohibited.
5.Short Circuit Protector must be applied.
6.Wires must be protected by fire-resisting and fire-retardant materials.
7.The wires on the floor should be protected by metal tube.
8.Wooden material must be coated with fire-retardant coating and decorations with textile must be covered with flame-resisting materials.
9.For extra power load, please apply to the customer service center at North Gate. Power load can only rise after approval of the fair organizer.
10.During construction, if Party B has not taken sufficient safety protection even if the fair organizer called and asked for rectification repeatedly, the fair organizer has the right to confiscate the decoration deposit from Party B.
11.All the booths must be equipped with at least 2 sets of 2kg portable CO2 fire extinguishers. Exhibitors can rent the fire extinguishers at the customer service center at the North Gate Lobby. The fee is 80RMB for 2 sets.