CERAMIC·BATHROOM October 18-21, 2019

The Fair


China Ceramics City --- Chinese Brand Venue

Covering an area of 53,000 m2, CCC venue consists of over 270 exhibitors, including permanent booths (50,000m2) and temporary booths (3,000m2), showcasing international brands like MARAZZI, VILLA MEDICI, CK, Slender Stone, ICC, Hansgrohe, TOTO, Kohler, Moen, Grohe, Panasonic Space, etc., as well as Chinese famous brands like Dongpeng, Marco Polo, NABEL, KITO, DAUGRES, ROMARIO, MATI Ceramics, INOL Ceramics, Tongyi Ceramics, VIEWGRES Ceramics, BOBO, FLORINA Ceramics, SSWW, Huayi Ceramics, CAE, SHKL Sanitaryware, WNS, LEDIN Sanitaryware, PUREFINE Sanitaryware, BRAVAT Sanitaryware, CHAOYANG SANITARY, IDEAL Sanitaryware, LENS, Better, JNJ, SEED, Caihua Ceramics, ROSE, TULIP MOSAIC, Longart Mosaic, Joyzone Mosaic, MingHong Shell, HEXINSANWANG, etc., together with some export brands from other production areas. As the first large-scale ceramic & bathroom trading and information service platform, China Ceramics City gathers top brands and up-to-date products at home and abroad, allowing Chinese manufacturers of the sector to explore their oversea market.

Main exhibits:
Temporary Exhibition Area: Polished tile, rustic tile, ceramic chip, art ceramic.
Permanent Exhibition Area: Glazed tile, rustic tile, porcelain polished tile, large-size slab, thin tile, thick tile, cement tile, sanitary ware, hardware accessories, bathroom cabinet, shower room, intelligent sanitary ware, kitchen cabinet, mosaic, display rack, etc.

Target Group: Domestic and oversea distributors, architects, designers, wholesalers & retailers and other practitioners of building material industry.

Address: No.2, 3 rd Jiangwan Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China

China Ceramics City

No2.Jiangwan 3rd Road.Chancheng District.Foshan City.Guangdong.China

China Ceramics Industry Headquarters --- Projects' Products Hall

Covering an area of 33,0000 m2, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters is composed of individual showrooms and Projects' Products Hall (temporary booths). There are over 260 exhibitors including 180 famous brand headquarters, 30 international brands and 50 ceramic machinery & supporting enterprises. Renowned brands include White Rabbit Ceramics, ASA Tiles, ICC, Roma, Overland, SANFI, Trend, BODE, JIAJUN, HQ, SSWW, etc. Aiming especially at buyers, distributors and designers, CCIH Material Center gathers over 3000 products from 200 brands, providing one-stop guide service since the 23rd CeramBath. In addition, the 32nd CeramBath set up “Projects’ Products Hall” which consists of big brands like Dongpeng Ceramics, Q&D TILES of MONALISA GROUP, SUMMIT Ceramics NEW PEARL, MARAZZI Ceramics, Eagle 2086 Ceramics, SANFI, HONGYU CERAMICS, White Rabbit Ceramics, GRIFINE CERAMICS, LATICRETE, Darie Ceramics, Louis Fashion, TOP, ITALY REBEKAH, HUIYA Ceramics, ESP LOLAND, CowinMarcer, etc., displaying the project products in all shapes and sizes.

Main exhibits: Thin tile, marble tile, rustic tile, glazed tile, micro-crystal stone, natural stone, artificial stone, sanitary ware, kitchen & bathroom equipment, ceramic machinery and raw material, etc.

Target Group: Global ceramic & bathroom distributors, project procurement, architects, designers and other practitioners of building material industry.

Address: No.68, West Jihua Road, Foshan, Guangdong, China

China Ceramics Industry Headquarters

No 68.West Jihua Road.Foshan.Guangdong.China

Foshan International Conference & Exhibition Center (Huaxia Venue) --- Emerging Brand Venue

With an area of 15,000 m2, Foshan International Conference & Exhibition Center Venue consists of over 200 exhibitors mainly from Foshan, Fujian and Shandong, exhibiting ceramic wall and floor tile, mosaic & background wall tile, ceramic machinery and raw materials. Relying on Huaxia Ceramics Expo City, it is a comprehensive platform for small enterprises to promote their brands and featured products to the world. Exhibitors include Dongpeng Art+, King Jade, Elizabeth, Zhongsheng Ceramics, BODI, JLA, FLONI, YUJIA Ceramics, etc. In addition, the 32nd CeramBath specially sets up the “Auxiliary Material Hall”, showcasing featured auxiliary materials.

Main exhibits: Featured products from emerging brands, including modern rustic tile, thin tile, marble tile, full glazed tile, micro-crystal stone, wood tile, as well as ceramic machinery like inkjet printer, ceramic laser cutting machine, etc.

Target Group: Ceramic & bathroom distributors, project procurement, architects, designers and other practitioners of building material industry.

Address: Taobo Avenue, Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong

Foshan International Conference & Exhibition Center(Huaxia Venue)

Taobo Avenue.Nanzhuang Town.Chancheng District.Foshan City.Guangdong.China